We manufacture protective and transport packaging

Our packaging solutions

Made-to-measure for reliable protection and safe transport – clever packaging solutions from Cellofoam

On the basis of our high-quality packaging foams, we produce creative, affordable and, above all, reliable transport or protective packaging. Our key goal is to ensure that your product arrives safely and well protected at its destination.

Together with you, we develop and design the ideal and custom-tailored packaging solution for your product, for instance a clever slip-in system or a precision-cut 3D foam insert.

Our state-of-the-art milling machine and water-jet 3D cutting equipment are perfect for producing precut parts and inserts with cut-outs and custom-designed contours entirely according to your wishes – at a truly affordable price.

Our strengths

  • Customized design
  • High-quality protective and transport packaging
  • Cost-effective production of small and large series
  • Reliable protection of delicate objects against damage and breakage due to blows, shocks or vibration.
  • Fully recyclable PE foam
  • Antistatic packaging foams for sensitive electronic equipment

Our packaging foams

Cello® PE-01
Closed-cell, cross-linked PE foam.

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Cello® PE-04
Polyethylene-based soft foam with closed-cell,
non-crosslinked structure. The outstanding firmness of the PE foam ensures reliable protection of sensitive items against impact, breakage, shocks and blows.

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Cello® D 2500
Polyethylene-based foam with closed-cell, cross-linked structure.

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