We make gaskets and seals for switching cabinets

We make gaskets and seals for any type of vehicle

We make gaskets and seals for machines and equipment

Gaskets made to measure for all kinds of applications

Made-to-measure flat gaskets and flexible sealing tapes

Made from PVC, EPDM, PUR, PE or NBR, our Cello® gaskets ensure reliable sealing against the ingress of air, dust and liquids in a wide range of applications – for instance in machine construction or tool manufacture, any type of vehicles, windows or air conditioning systems.

Our special cutting and die-cutting equipment enables us to cut various high-quality materials to precision and produce gaskets in the widest range of thicknesses, dimensions and shapes. Our products are delivered as small reels, die-cut pieces or sheets, according to the customer’s requirements.

Ask for our information folder with product samples by writing to sales@cellofoam.de

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Our strengths

  • High level of consulting and manufacturing expertise
  • Standard sealing tapes in various widths and lengths
  • Pre-finished gaskets made to customer specification
  • The materials are available without or with a self-adhesive layer on one or both faces
  • Fast quote preparation and order processing
  • Short delivery times

Product overview

Closed-cell. High resistance against hot water and steam. Very good chemical resistance, e.g. against alcohols, ketones (e.g. acetone), ester and glycols.      >> Go to product data sheet

Closed-cell. Same base material as for Cello® SEAL EPDM, but with higher density, giving the product
better deformation resilience and a high ultimate tensile strength. >> Go to product data sheet

Semi-closed; The material, which is commonly used in the automotive industry, combines the flexibility (FL) of an open-cell foam with the impermeability of closed-cell foams. >> Go to product data sheet

For all areas where the materials are susceptible to get into contact with oils, e.g. motor oil. Exceptionally hard-wearing, extremely resistant against deformation. >> Go to product data sheet

Closed-celled. High mechanical resistance. Good weathering resistance, good resistance against oil and chemicals. Not available as rolls.                                      >> Go to product data sheet

Cello® SEAL PE
Closed-cell cross-linked. Compared to all other materials, very fine-pored structure for minimized water absorption. Resistance against extremely low temperatures. >> Go to product data sheet

Closed-cell. Very good resistance against chemicals, in particular against most acids and bases. Excellent aging stability. Exceptional weathering resistance.        >> Go to product data sheet

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