We make noise-control jacket for compressors

[] Cello Kompressorhülle

We make noise-control jacket for compressors

[] Cello® Kompressorhülle

Cello® Compressor jacket

Effective noise control of compressors in heat pumps and air conditioning systems

Compressors, for instance used as part of heat pumps or other systems, are a typical source of annoying noise. Our new, specially designed Cello® SB compressor jacket can substantially reduce the resulting noise emissions.

Cello® SB combines a highly sound-absorbing polyester non-woven layer with a heavy layer for additional sound insulation effectivity. The robust PVC outer surface is weather-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

High-quality clips and adjustable straps allow optimum adaptation to the compressor’s dimensions.

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Advantages of the compressor jacket

  • Noise reduction effect of up to 6 dB achievable with optimum adaptation
  • Easy and fast installation
  • High-quality clips and adjustable straps allow ideal adaptation to compressor dimensions
  • Easy-care PVC outer surface: robust, weather-resistant, easy to clean
  • Inner surface covered with a perforated mesh layer for maximum noise reduction effectivity
  • Easy access to the compressor for maintenance purposes
  • On request, various customization options to fit different compressor types
  • Visually attractive noise-control solution




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