We mold-shape non-wovens to produce interior parts

We mold-shape non-wovens into engine hood liners

We mold-shape non-wovens to produce interior parts

We mold-shape non-wovens into cabin liners

Non-woven processing – opens up new perspectives

Ready-to-install interior parts for vehicles and machines

Pre-finished non-woven products score with excellent acoustic effectiveness. We use state-of-the-art machines and presses for two- and three-dimensional non-woven molding to produce shape-retaining, self-supporting parts exactly to customer specifications.

Different materials and surface treatments can be combined to meet the specific demands of the individual application. Molded non-woven parts are perfect for use in a wide variety of applications, for instance as cabin liners, head and wall liners, interior covers for engine compartments and much more.

Our strengths

  • Flexible techniques for cutting precise contours using modern water-jet technology, with tolerances in the below-millimeter range
  • Use of a wide variety of acoustically highly effective materials enhanced by sophisticated technical solutions
  • Production processes adapted to small-, medium- and large-series production
  • Acoustics-related engineering and design support, including feasibility analysis
  • Production of 2D pre-finished parts that turn into 3D parts when installed
  • On-site consultation

Processing technologies

  • 70-400 ton presses
  • Two- and three-dimensional parts with dimensions of up to 2,000 x 2,300 x 400 mm


  • Various non-wovens made from viscose or polyester fibers
  • Mixed-fiber non-wovens
  • Wide range of visually attractive facing materials, for instance:
    • Highly heat-resistant non-wovens
    • Mechanically robust needled felts
    • Various knitted fabrics with high elasticity for perfect adaptation to surface contours
    • Heat-reflecting aluminum films and foils
    • Printed facing materials

Customer-specific facing materials on request

Typical uses

  • Door liners/side panel coverings
  • Interior liners for motor compartments
  • Head liners/interior linings for cabins
  • Interior covers for rear walls
  • Insulation solutions for liftgates
  • Covers and hoods
  • Pillar linings
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