We make air duct silencers

Our Cello® RSD duct silencers

The air outlets of ventilation or air conditioning systems are often permanent sources of bothersome noise. Cello® RSD circular duct silencers are an easy to install and highly effective remedy. They can be fitted on all standard ventilation systems or air ducts and result in much quieter, more agreeable surroundings.

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Cello® duct silencers RSD 400

Advantages of our Cello® duct silencers

  • Flow-optimized paddle shape
  • In contrast to off-the-shelf duct silencers, excellent absorption values in the upper frequency range
  • Practical retrofit solution for standard duct diameters
  • Special shapes and sizes acc. to customer specifications
  • Low weight
  • Stops direct noise emissions
  • Reduced air exit speed thanks to increased vent surface
  • For vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Reduces draughts when used indoors
  • No support structure required for mounting

Optional weather cover

Duct silencers – optional weather cover
Duct silencers – optional weather cover

Weather cover for horizontally
mounted silencers





Weather cover for vertically
mounted silencers

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