New addition to our noise-control portfolio: Cello® compressor wraps

Are there compressors in use in your building or plant?

Then our specially developed noise-reducing blanket wrap for compressors is just the thing for you.

Our new Cello® SB 160 compressor wrap combines a highly sound-absorbing polyester non-woven with a sound-insulating heavy layer - for substantially reduced noise emissions.

The adjustable high-quality fixation system ensures the optimal fit of the blanket wrap and helps achieve a sound reduction effect of up to 6 dB. What is more, thanks to the practical clips the wrap can be opened quickly and easily for maintenance purposes, at any time and as often as necessary, without affecting the stability, appearance or fit of the wrap.

We offer a range of wraps for standard compressor models. On request, adaptation to customer-specific compressor models is possible. Just ask us.

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