Cello duct silencers – our latest innovation

Bothered by constant noise from the air outlet of your ventilation system or heat pump? Then our new Cello® RSD duct silencer is the solution because it effectively minimizes the flow noise produced by the air outlets of ventilation systems and air conditioning ducts.

Cello® RSD has been designed for easy and fast retrofit on standard duct diameters.

Acting as a barrier to direct sound emissions, its flow-optimized paddles achieve a substantial noise reduction effect.


•      Practical retrofit solution for standard duct diameters
•      Reduced air exit speed thanks to increased vent surface
•      Additional benefit when used indoors: less draught
•      Vertical and horizontal installation possible, no support structure required
•      Weather cover and insect/small animal screen available as an option
•      Upon request: customized designs according to your specifications

For more information and the technical data sheet, please go to: Duct silencer

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