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Cello HR 290 ALG

Product photograph Cello® HR 290 ALG
Light gray, soft foam made from melamine resin (made from Basotect ®) ands laminated with an aluminum surface layer. Cello® HR 290 ALG scores with excellent fire performance values and a surface that is impermeable to oil, water and fuels.
Product details
Melamine foam (made from Basotect ®)
Basotect ® is a registered trademark of BASF SE
Aluminum foil
Temperature resistance
-50°C to 220°C *
Thermal conductivity (at 10°C)
0.034 W/(m·K)
DIN 75200
ISO 3795
EN 45545-2
ECE R-118
NFPA 130
NRC value for 30 mm thickness
Areas of use
Construction and agricultural machinery
Buses / utility vehicles
Heating / ventilation / air conditioning
Cabins / casings / hoods
Machine construction
Rail vehicles
Available as
Sheet, ready-to-use parts
* with mechanical fixation